Stories of life with a brain tumour

On this site you will find stories of how I got through the news in 2003 that I had a brain tumour as well as a contemporary account of life with it still, today.

I evaded writing about what happened for 15 years.  Why? I don’t really know.  It was in my head for all that time, usually safely in the background, largely ignored but with occasional flashbacks and incidents that forced it forward.  And this time it’s back in a way I can’t ignore and the time feels right to document it, in part therapy, in part to have an accurate record and in part to help anyone else who may face a similar situation and be seeking clues as to what they might expect.  Though it will only be clues, we are all different, we all experience life differently.

If you are looking for posts about my current experiences, choose ‘Here and now’ from the menu on the right.

If you are interested the historical posts of how I discovered I had a tumour, choose ‘How this Began’ from the menu on the right. I am still adding to those as I’ve not yet caught up with myself.

Apologies that I am lacking the technical expertise to make the historical posts appear in chronological order.  God knows if this tumour doesn’t send me to an early grave then WordPress will…  If anyone can tell me how to fix this please contact me.